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Granadilla Diving

“At Granadilla Diving we are very proud of the fact that we cater every dive for every diver, be it their first time taking part in a PADI DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) programme or as an experienced diver doing PADI speciality courses. The dive site will have been picked specifically for you, your requirements and your capabilities. The dive or course will still adhere strictly to the Dive industry standards and Spanish legal requirements, as well as being tailor-made to accommodate any specific needs you have.”

Looking for a builder?  A place to eat?  Need a car or a mechanic?  A cake for that special occasion?  Look no further.

This site is committed to cheap or free advertising for English-speaking small businesses or sole traders in Tenerife. Our aim is to keep it small and restrict it to people known personally to us or recommended by others. Larger companies in Tenerife are well known as most can pay for advertising and whilst doing an excellent job, not everyone can pay their rates.

Tenerife’s local builders, for example,  can charge considerably less but often speak little or no English – not very practical if you don’t speak Spanish well.  We can help with that too.  See translators here.

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The site will be shared on Facebook, for example, as people promote their own services.  In doing so, they are in effect promoting yours also. For anyone who doesn’t yet understand the importance of social media connections, please read about Social Media Marketing here.

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