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Perfect Homes TenerifePerfect Homes Tenerife

Free, no obligation quotes.: Fully Legal, Home Improvement Specialist in Golf del Sur. If you need any Painting, Decorating, ask for a quote. Before & After Photos available on our ...

Giulio GuerraGiulio Guerra

Details & contact for Giulio Guerra in South Tenerife. Professional Tradesman. Find all your local Painting/Decorating needs in South Tenerife. Searching for “Painter-Decorator”?, info here on Tenerife Pages.

Bazza the BuilderBazza the Builder

English-speaking Builder, Handy Man. Kitchens, Bedrooms, Plumbing – boilers leaks and repairs, UK trained, 30 year experience, Free advice, Don’t delay  –  a drip today is a flood tomorrow.