Las Vistas Beach Dive Site

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Las Vistas is a beach very close to Los Cristianos Beach, only about 150 meters separate them and you can walk from one to the other along the promenade.

Las Vistas Dive Site, protected from currents and with a sandy bottom,  is the ideal place for baptisms, refreshers and night dives. Max depth is 12m.

Convenient access, the dive is at the foot of the breakwater located on the left of the Las Vistas beach. A very easy dive with varied fauna which continues to surprise both for it’s colour and variety of fish.

Beginners will usually feel more comfortable using dive sites that can be accessed from the beach. If you are on holiday with friends and family with non-divers, beach dives works best.

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Nocturnal Las Vistas Dive. Just phenomenal 🙂