Can I buy a Facebook Group?


Facebook’s terms of service forbid selling or purchasing groups:

Do not attempt to or successfully sell, buy, or exchange site privileges, engagement, or product features, such as accounts, admin roles, permission to post, Pages, Groups, likes, etc.

Therefore, buying a FB group can get you into big big trouble!

Don’t get scammed or your Facebook account banned.

I have never, and would never, sell a Facebook Group. However I have made the mistake of trying to help people who have what I call ‘grey hat practices’, with disastrous results. When you get your account and groups taken down because of that association, you very quickly learn from your mistakes.

Don’t misunderstand me, in todays climate people do what they have to to make a living, but likewise the people who buy those groups also have a living to make and being on the receiving end of a FB investigation is …. well finish that sentence yourself!

If you have bought a group or paid to have a group ‘made’ for you with a fake membership, I will say this.

  1. Don’t plaster your business details all over the top. The group will slowly die as members realise the aim of the group has changed.
  2. If it’s a genuine group, keep the group functioning as it’s members are used to and advertise with posts.
  3. If it’s a new group, made to sell, get your new members in as quick as possible. FB removes non-contributing members at unspecified intervals.
  4. If your group survives and the ‘seller’ is no longer involved, then you are welcome to advertise here, assuming your group allows appropriate advertising.

Here are some comments from others on the topic.

“Members leave your group in large numbers, you might not even break even before the group dies.”

“They’d be buying something FB could nuke overnight w/o as much as the tiniest fkn care in the world.”

“One wouldn’t buy it unless one could immediately harvest all the names and data in it before FB or the members found out. At the very least that would piss folks off no end.”

“Selling a Facebook group without its members authorization is asking for a lawsuit.”

Facebook bans the sale of community groups