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For more information Zeke at Granadilla Diving would be happy to answer your questions. If you haven’t yest arranged your accommodation ask about The Dive Lodge, Tenerife

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is scuba diving in Tenerife?

Example Only

  • One Dive – Shore dive from a choice of locations €45
  • Night Dive – Shore dives from a choice of locations €50
  • Two Dives in same day – open water dives €75

* Required SCUBA equipment at no extra charge 

Which Canary island is best for scuba diving?

El Hierro island is the smallest of the Canary Islands. Many believe El Hierro offers the best diving on the Canary Islands.

What are the diving conditions in Tenerife?

The diving conditions vary considerably in Tenerife all year round with water temperatures usually range from 18 º C to 25 º C and visibility of 5m to 35m. Diving in Costa Adeje is good all year.

What is the water temperature in Tenerife for scuba diving?

The water temperature in summer is around 24°C and in the winter months it can drop to 18-19°C. There is no big change in the temperature between the surface and the depths.

What is the best time of day to scuba dive?

Most morning divers are treated to ocean conditions without wind, waves, current, and visibility is also noticeably better earlier in the day. This means easier dives, lower air consumption, longer dives, and more to see!

Do you need a wetsuit for diving in Tenerife?

The water temperature is mild in winter (maximum 3.2mm wetsuit required) and in the summer you can surf in boardshort or with a short wetsuit.