Tattoo Artist Karolien Husson

Hi everyone 🫶🏼

We are new to the Centro Comercial San Blas and opening the WOWI SHOP. You can find us in local 39. I am a tattoo artist and my wife, Sara, makes wall pieces from resin epoxy and wood, handmade jewellery and small souvenirs of the island.

We look forward to meeting you all.
Sunny loving greetings☀️🫶🏼
Karolien, Owen, Sara

Location: San Blas, Golf del Sr


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Should you get a Tattoo?

Deciding whether or not to get a tattoo is a personal choice. that depends on individual preferences and circumstances.

If you were brought up in the 60’s your mum probably told you a tattoo on a woman was vulgar. Well those days are long since gone.

Almost 20% of Brits over 18 are estimated to have a tattoo. Among 25- to 39 group it could be as high as 30%.

Does it Hurt?

Tattoos hurt, there’s no denying that. But did you know that the tattoo artist plays a crucial role in how much they hurt?

Tattoo artists are capable of reducing tattoo pain by using different techniques and strategies while tattooing and identifying the various triggers of pain.