Internet in Tenerife

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Since moving to Tenerife, I have tried 5 different internet providers.  This is my personal opinion of them but good or bad, the contact details are listed below.

Internet provider Tenerife

Finding the right internet provider in Tenerife?

Thor Telecom I will not recommend because they owe me over €200 for a parking fine from when they rented my car.  Dating back to 23rd March before they returned the car without notice, not even having the courtesy of telling me, let alone paying it, I have contacted them several times but despite promises, it remains unpaid.

Throstur Ingvar Steinthorsson no longer replies to my messages.  I leave it to you as to whether you want to trust a company that behaves like this.

  • Thor Telecom  Not Trustworthy
  • AirFibre  Very poor customer service
  • Mariposa     *** Recommended ***
  • Direct Telecom  Sometimes good, sometimes bad
  • Movistar  Solid but not the best choice



  • AirFibre
  • Tel: 922 985 455
  • Location:  Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Web: