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Here’s how it works

We want to keep it as simple as possible for you.

This form has only 2 mandatory fields, a permission click and the trading name, eg:

  • Fred Blogs Plasterer
  • Fred Blogs
  • FB Building Services

– however you like to be known.

After that it’s your choice how much of the form you want to fill in. Obviously the more you do the more professional your listing will look, and of course, people do need to know how to contact you. BUT if you want, you can just write simply at the bottom block “My name is Fred, my phone is nnn and I sell cars in Las Chafiras”.

We do NOT publish email addresses or websites as the potential for being outdated or scraped by spammers and scammers is too high.

The listing is NOT automated so don’t worry about typos or missing information. I will check it as long as you entered contact info somewhere 🙂

Locations Where Your Listing Appears

  • Each listing has one private page where you can showcase your product or service.
  • There are 11 areas in the south and the north(includes anything ‘not south’ 🙂 )
  • Specify which areas which want to be listed in (or just click North, South or All)

Categories Where Your Listing Appears

  • We currently have around 50 service categories.
  • Specify which best covers what you offer.
  • You can choose more than one, eg a builder might include plumber, plasterer
  • You will appear on those categories in all locations you chose.

Why you get better results with more information filled in

Say you are a builder in Golf del Sur but cover all of the South. You also offer Plumbing and Electrical. So here you have 3 services in 11 areas, total an extra 33 pages where people can find you.

If you do something specialized and cover the north and south, eg Removals + Pet Transport then that’s 2 services over 24 areas, an extra 48 chances for people to find you. An online service would be 1 service, 24 areas and so on.

Here is the reason this is so important.

People search online with differing mentalities. So someone wanting a plumber for a kitchen remodel in Golf del Sur  might search for:

  • Builder Golf del Sur
  • Plumber San Miguel
  • Plumbers in Las Chafiras
  • Plumbing near me

The list is endless but the more of those you can match, the better you visibility in the search engines.


Submission Form

Your personal name will not appear in the listing unless you request it.
Ignore if you specified Tenerife South, North or All Tenerife
You can send an image later. We have a standard 'waiting for image' if you choose to skip this. If you know the address (url) of your image on line, you can enter it here.