For the smaller plumbing jobs, please contact us at Tenerife Plumbers; for larger jobs that need cameras to find leaks we list below the 2 plumbers in Tenerife that have highly specialized equipment.

Plumbers in Tenerife

Why is it when you need a plumber in Tenerife urgently, no answers their phone or returns your call!  Well there is a very good reason for that.  Many emergency plumbers are only interested in the big bucks.

We promise you that if you contact us, we will answer.  If we feel the job is more than a simple plumbing task and needs an leak location expert, we will tell you truthfully, otherwise you can expect us to be there promptly.

We have no affiliation to the camera companies listed below other than we have used them personally, know they speak good English,  and they have given good service when we needed them.