Co-living Etiquette

Rented Room Accommodation – Shared Housing

Co Living, house share, rent a room

There is nothing more frustrating than when something that is obvious to you, appears to be bad manners (or an unfair shirking of house duties) is ignored or misunderstood, leaving you to clean up the mess and solve interpersonal disputes. Being old and sometimes grumpy I often wonder what my mother would think of some tenants manners.

However, times have changed and busy lives encourages us to be thoughtless sometimes.

Make Efforts to be part of the Household

In a shared house  are encouraged to make efforts to connect with each other. Any living arrangements work better when tenants try to interact and help one another. 

Keep your Room clean and tidy

It is the tenant’s responsibility to keep his or her room neat, tidy, and organised. Alternatively, once the weekly household chores are divvied up, one tenant may be paid to clean for another or pay a cleaner from outside to do it.

Communal Space

Do your part in keeping the communal space neat and clean by placing things back to where they belong and in the same condition. A simple gesture such as wiping down the dining table after use is common courtesy. Smoking in co-living premises is not allowed, except for the designated smoking outdoor areas.

Responsible Lifestyle

Leading a sustainable lifestyle is essential and even the smallest of unthinking actions can mount up. Switch off appliances, lights and fans when not in use.

Noise Levels

Common areas are designed for tenants to enjoy and interact with one another. Avoid screaming or blasting music in the common area, especially during the evening and at night.

Co Living, house share, rent a roomRefrigerator Space

If you don’t want your food to be eaten by someone else, keep to your allocated space in the fridge. Clear stale food promptly and make sure everything is wrapped.

Laundry Times

Schedule your laundry day. Avoid disturbing people at antisocial times. Remove dried clothes promptly. No one likes to constantly see washing drying!

Communal Expenses

Many any argument started like the old Ben Elton sketch. ‘It was only a bit of shampoo’; ‘Yes but it was MY shampoo’. As soon as possible agree a kitty for  communal expenses and who responsibility it is to fetch them. This is part of the allocation of household duties.