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Fly with clubs or rent?

Here’s what golfers have to say:

  1. If I had a standard package set of clubs I would 100% rent. It’s far easier, has less risk, and exposes me to new clubs that I can demo and that’s fun.
  2. Bringing your own clubs means travelling to and from airports with your suitcase AND golf clubs. That’s a lot of luggage
  3. My rule of thumb is 2 rounds or less rent, 3 rounds or more bring my own sticks.
  4. No risk of your own clubs getting lost or damaged in transit.
  5. If you rent you can: not worry, not carry through airport (etc), try something new, have an excuse for bad shots.
  6. Renting golf clubs gives you the chance to play top of the range sets from the best golf manufacturers in the business.
  7. I would rent. As a beginner. It’s good to experience new clubs and manufacturers. Until you start building your own set.
  8. If you have decided that renting your golf clubs is the right option for you, then be sure to find a quality rental service.
  9. Why would you go on a golf trip and not bring your golf clubs? It’s exceedingly rare that they actually get damaged on the flight
  10. Golf shops almost always carry rental clubs for players who don’t have them. Most rental clubs are relatively new and have decent technology.

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