Aaron Tylers Battle Against DMD

Carla-Jane and Family

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My name is Carla Jane Bannister, 21 years of age, resident of Spain for the last 14 years.

This account is to raise funds for my little brother, Aaron Tyler Bannister. He’s only 11 years old and suffers from a terminal disease, without cure, called muscular dystrophy. In particular, Duchennes (DMD).

He was diagnosed in October 2010, after begging assistance for 3 years, since we noticed that something was not right when he began to crawl and walk.

He couldn’t run as fast as other children, jump as high, climb stairs as easily.

When we first complained, when he was about 2 years of age, doctors investigated and determined that he had flat feet. Something that, over the years, would prove to be an incorrect diagnosis.

This disease is caused by the lack of dystrophin in the muscles, which causes the progressive deterioration of these, starting with the legs.

This genetic disease only affects 1 in every 3,400 children, being males the ones to suffer the symptons. Girls/women, if they carry the disease, would have a 50% chance on passing it to their newborn, if male.

Men who suffer from this disease, begin an undetermined fight, since there is no cure, from the first symptoms, these being weakness in the legs and visible “growth” in the calf muscles (this “growth” being the muscle starting to deteriorate).