Planning a Kitchen

Planning Your Kitchen

The kitchen is  probably the most used room in the house. It is where the day starts and ends  and is generally a hive of activity when the family is at home.

It is therefore  very important that this room is well organised and the use of space is  carefully planned. This post is all about planning to make the room safe,  pleasant and relaxing to work in. It will also help to ensure that you have a  kitchen to be proud of and which will add value to your home. 

There are  three simple stages in kitchen planning.

The first is to carefully measure  your room and draw a plan of it, to scale, on the graph paper provided at the  back of this leaflet. Do wall plans as well as a floor plan.

The second is to  list the fitments you want and plan their positioning in the available space –  follow these simple guidelines to ensure that the kitchen you create is  practical and safe, as well as beautiful.

And the third is to visit your local  kitchen suppliers to choose the kitchen style you prefer, and enlist the aid of a Design  Consultant to answer any questions you may have about the planning, and to  process your order.