Pet Insurance in Tenerife

  • Help! My pet has gone missing! In the event of your pet going missing, Pet Insurance will help you find your pet, including the cost of locating your pet and accommodation.
  • In the event of an accident or illness. Pet Insurance provides your pet with the best veterinary care.
  • In the event of death, any expenses arising will be covered to help you during this difficult event.
  • Who will take care of my pet if I have to go into hospital? Don’t worry, your pet will not be neglected, and will enjoy a stay at a pet hotel. When you can’t watch your pet, Pet Insurance will take care of it as you would.

What happens if I don’t have pet insurance?

It’s sensible to be prepared for the financial costs if this should happen. If your pet has an ongoing, terminal or critical condition, you’ll have to pay for regular treatment and medication over your pet’s lifetime.

How much should I cover my dog for?

As a general rule, cover less than €5000 is likely to leave you with problems if your dog gets in a serious accident, and €8000 is the minimum most vets would consider to be fairly comprehensive.

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