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When the first Giz a Room group began in Tenerife, it was a well moderated and highly successful group.

Sadly over time the group and many others that sprang up like it, were hijacked by people whose sole  aim was to charge ‘finders fees’. Often, people on a budget would find out at the last minute that they were expected to pay not only 1 months deposit plus 1 month in advance but also 1 months finders fee (agency fee).

Sometimes it could even be 2 months finders fee, or worse still no-one tells you that they will keep your deposit as their finders fee; you only find out when you ask for your security deposit back and the unsuspecting owner tells you the agent took it as their fee.

This is no longer permitted in Tenerife but many people will look to make the fee elsewhere, such as calling it a contract fee. Another trick is to increase the rent to cover their fee. Whilst people are always going to look for some sort of commission, which is fair enough, the owner should be paying it not the tenant.

Always ask the question and insist on a precise answer. If you don’t hear ‘no fees’ then report the member to admin immediately.

A well moderated group will remove and block these people. However some groups were set up with the intention of circumventing this. Please take care. If admin won’t remove these people then perhaps it’s  a group you don’t want to be part of.

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