CCTV Surveys Save Time

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How CCTV Surveys can save time and money when unblocking drains

There’s nothing more annoying than a blocked drain. Let’s face it, when you’re trying to have a shower and the water just won’t go down the drain it creates a really unpleasant experience, and in many cases it can leave you trying a whole host of different options before you find the right way to clear it and move on with what you were doing.

When I was younger I used to live with a girl who had long dark black hair – the same as mine – and we found that after every few weeks our shower drains would clog up with hair sending water straight back into our shower environment – not great. After using a mirage of supermarket products we would finally manage to clear it and by doing this every three weeks we would help to keep the drains clear.

Problem solved?

Perhaps – but what if this was to happen on a larger scale?

During winter it rains in the UK, that’s a given, and as the harsh rain pelts down our drains are forced to deal with large amounts of water rushing down them quite frequently. With leaves, pollution and various other elements being carried along it’s not hard to see how they can become blocked, spewing water back out onto the road which causes flooding and general havoc for motorists.

When a drain is blocked on a main road and flooding occurs then it’s crucial to get it fixed straight away, but with an extensive drainage network and no real idea of where the blockage might be, it can be hard to know where to start.

Introducing the CCTV survey

This small device is designed to work in the drainage system, identifying potential blockages and sending back information to a main receiver. CCTV surveys allow the user to utilise a GPS function to identify the exact area of the blockage and also to take any pictures that are needed to identify what the potential problem could be. In turn this enables workers to identify efficient methods of unblocking drains.

Another major benefit of a CCTV survey is that your ability to pinpoint the problem means that you can deal directly with that area. So rather than closing off an entire road or road area, you can in turn just close off an area which helps to keep traffic moving and prevent delays.

CCTV surveys are a great way to save time – by pinpointing the exact area of the problem you can deal with it directly rather than causing other unnecessary damage – and money as they enable you to work specifically at one point which saves additional drilling work, staff wages and various other costs. Overall if you are looking to get your drain unblocked quickly then they can be a great service to use to unblock your drainage system with minimal intervention required.