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Web Designers in Tenerife

If you are looking for web design in Tenerife then drop me a line and I will help you locate the right person for the job. Before you do that, please consider what I have to say before you potentially waste your money trying to achieve the impossible.

Who am I?

First let me say – I don’t want your money!

I’m a workaholic and what I do now is purely a hobby, better than spending my retirement on candy crush or drinking myself stupid. The only income I get from my sites is  from Google Ads which pay for the upkeep of domain names and a private VPS server. The sites mentioned below are available for free advertising, personal pages will NOT have ads, and  any surplus profit from these will go to charity.

I was born in 1952, (I’ll let you do the math!) and have spent my entire adult life in computing, as a programmer, systems analyst, project manager for multi-million size companies and web designer specializing in SEO (search engine optimization).

What I want is to encourage you to think hard about what you want from a website before you start spending time and money. A website is only useful to you if one or more of the following apply:

  • You already have customers and you want to present a professional image.
  • You intend to get your clients from somewhere other than web searches, e.g. Facebook, word-of-mouth, online reviews.
  • You want people you are already in contact with to see the full information or book online.
  • You have easy ‘keywords’ to promote your business.

It  all comes down to SEO and it’s really important that you grasp this from the word go. So what do I mean by  easy keywords?

There are  tools you can use, provided by google, to research the words your customers might search for. Once you know these, you will need to research how many people (and where they are from) are going to search for these terms, and also the competition you are up against.

If you simply want to throw money at the problem, then go ahead and find your web designer first BUT make sure they are experienced in SEO and ask what this will cost you. Otherwise, do your own research  first. Many people offer web design, some very cheaply, but there is way more involved than making pretty pictures if you want to rank well in search engines like Google!

I will try not bore you  with too much detail, just one or two examples to help you make an informed decision before you waste money.

Numerically, ‘Tenerife’ is an easy keyword but ‘holidays’ is extremely difficult. So a web site designed around holidays in Tenerife will be very very hard to get top positions in google. Boat trips is also difficult – there is massive competition for ‘Tenerife Boat Trips’. On the other hand, ‘Tenerife Guided Walks’ is relatively easy, not so much competition.

‘Tenerife Removals’, Tenerife Plasterer’, again fairly easy, ‘Tenerife Builder’ not impossible, but not easy either. Expanding  the keywords you target with web design is important,  for example, ‘Builder in Golf del Sur’ is easier.

That should give you a very rough idea what you are up against and discussing this with your web designer will give you a feel for whether they know what they are talking about and whether getting a website is right for you. Hopefully, whatever you decide, you will go into it with realistic expectations.

I will be doing a few more web design tips on the lessons site, see below. This site is also available for free advertising if your  business involves learning or tuition of some sort.

Sites Available for Free Advertising

To all  you keyboard warriors and ‘nay-sayers’: When I say this is free, that’s exactly what it is. If you feel the need to try and disprove this then go ahead but it’s very sad that you can’t believe  that there are people in this world that are just happy to give  something back!

Tenerife Pages: This site is for any English-speaking small business in Tenerife

Holiday to Tenerife: As above for holiday related businesses

Holidays 4Us: Any holiday related activity – since I live in Tenerife this will be prominent.

Lessons 4All: Anything related to learning or something to do on holiday, eg learning to dive, swim, sail, surf, golf, fish, dance.

Tenerife Removals: This site is for sale and any proceeds will go to charity. It has top rankings in Google.

Sites Available by Arrangement

These sites are available for free adverts under certain conditions. To advertise here you must write an informative article, with good content.. A link back to you website and/or Facebook page will be included.

Swim With Us: Anything swimming related.

Spirita Health and Fitness: Anything to do with health, fitness, diet etc.