Selecting the right electrician

Electrical problems are a common occurrence for homeowners in Tenerife with older wiring found in many homes. However, due to safety concerns and the complexity of electrical systems, doing repairs on your own is not a good idea. Professionals in residential electrical work often focus on a wide range of areas. Some sole electricians often focus on one specialty, while larger electrical companies focus on a variety of areas. 

What to Look for When Choosing an Electrician

  • Proper licensing/certification
  • Experience/expertise
  • Reputation/reviews
  • Proper insurance
  • Sound safety measures
  • Good communication
  • Professional attitude
  • Detailed estimates

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What exactly is a “Boletin”?

A boletin is an electrical installation certificate for low voltage, or “Certificado de Instalación Eléctrica de baja tension”, most commonly referred to simply as a “boletin”. Your electrician should be able to tell you when and if you require a new boletin.

For properties built after 2002 a boletin can usually be issued without the need for any upgrade to the electrical installation. For properties built before 2002 work is usually required to bring the electrical installation up to the current standard of the Spanish electrical regulations.

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