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Need an ITV Precheck?

  1. Inspection Request
    When you arrive at your Applus+ Iteuve station, you must go to the offices with the vehicle documentation, where our staff will be happy to assist you in your vehicle inspection.
  2. Polluting Emissions
    We will measure pollutant emission levels, as well as noise in the case of motorcycles and mopeds to ensure that the established limits are not exceeded.
  3. Outside
    We check that the windshield wipers and washers work correctly, and the condition of the doors and their mechanisms guarantee their opening and closing. It is also checked that the glasses are appropriately approved and without breaks that affect the visual field, and that the number of rear-view mirrors are necessary and are in good condition and their fixings are optimal.
  4. Inside
    We check that the seats are appropriate and perfectly anchored to the body, and have the regulatory seat belts with special attention to their operation and fixing and anchoring systems and, if child restraint systems are fitted, they are appropriate.
  5. Lighting and signaling
    The regloscope will allow us to review the state of conservation and adjustment of the vehicle’s lights to allow safe night driving.
  6. Suspension
    Using the suspension bench we will check the effectiveness, condition and balance of the suspensions with the vehicle running.
  7. Brakes and Steering
    Using the phenometer we will check the balance of the brakes.
  8. Clearance detector plates
    We will simulate the movements of the vehicle while stationary. This way we can check the level of wear in systems such as suspension, steering or braking.
  9. Pit Inspection
    The pit allows us to inspect your vehicle’s axles, frame, brakes, steering and suspension in detail.
  10. End of inspection
    Once the inspection is completed, we will discuss the results with you. If it has been a success, you will be given the report and the MOT sticker. If there are serious or very serious defects, we will tell you what they are, what repairs are necessary and when you should return.

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