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Highly Recommended – the only Tenerife kennels I would trust my dogs for boarding.

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Poochies Pet Hotel


In memory of Alice -A dogs best friend – I wish there had been more time to know you better.

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The following list was compiled by Vet Miquel Los Santos, El Medano tel: 922 176 081
I can’t say who speaks English or not, nor can I recommend anyone other than Alice who I know personally.
  • Adeje ———-  Canichou…………………………………….66 6794 080
  • ARONA——-   Patricia ——————————-649 105 065
  • CHAFIRAS—– Don perro—————————–922 735 824 –  687 620 910
  • CHAFIRAS——Dog hotel——————————679 161 682
  • SAN ISIDRO—-Carlota———————————661 327 471
  • GUIA DE ISORA—-Hunde einse Teneriffa———–648 226 128 – 677 885 634
  • GRANADILLA—Las chozas—————————-922 772 370
  • GRANADILLA—Resid. Granadilla——————– 616 747 284
  • GRANADILLA.–Diaz 4 dog —————————-922 772 051
  • GUIMAR———El volcán——————————-670 805 318
  • AGUA DULCE—Hotel agua dulce———————922 693 137 – 608 248 857
  • TACORONTE—–Tagoro——————————–922 562 034
  • TACORONTE—–Elena Valerio————————-922 572 002
  • SANTA CRUZ—–Resid. Hospivet———————-922 685 253
  • LA ESPERANZA–Irema Curto————————–922 637 388 – 678 585 524
  • GENETO———–Mirabal——————————-922 261 719
  • TACO————– Resid. Taco—————————922 612 476
  • ARAFO————-Cat or dog——————————690 268 425
  • OROTAVA——–Hospital veterinario—————–922 320 552 – 922 333 476

Poochie from Poochies Pet Hotel

How to choose the right boarding kennel for your dog? Many owners are afraid to leave their dog in a kennel. Of course a stay in a kennel is a change for the dog and initially you may worry that your dog won’t feel at home. But if you choose the right kennel for your dog, after the first days of conditioning they willhave fun and have the idea that they are “on vacation”.

How long does the dog to settle in the kennel ? It is very difficult to generalize. Some dogs are comfortable from day one and others take longer. Perhaps the first day they don’t much want to eat or play. However, if the kennel is good they  very rapidly accustomed to the daily routine, the lunch, the play, cleaning, etc.

It is a good idea to visit the kennel where you think you may board your dog at least once before taking the final decision. This will let you know the people who work with the dogs, facilities that they have at the kennel, its operation and the level of hygiene, etc.

If you remain convinced that you made a good choice, you will feel more relaxed when you leave your dog.  Just remember, Tenerife is not a big island, even North Tenerife to South Tenerife is quite a manageable distance to find the right kennel.