Looking for a plasterer in Tenerife?

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Plastering is usually done by the square meter so you may be able to get a quote online.  Always ask for examples of the work though.

Paying day rate is generally not a good idea.  Every man and hid dog that is a little bit handy thinks they can plaster but it’s highly specialised, especially when it comes to using the right products for Tenerife.


In dire need of a plasterer?

  • The main role of a plasterer is to paste layers of plaster onto walls, floors and ceilings.
  • As a plasterer, you apply different kinds of plaster to internal walls and ceilings so that they are ready for decorating.
  • You could also cover outside walls with coatings, such as sand and cement render or pebble-dash.

plasterer-in-tenerifeSounds simple doesn’t it?  Not so – here in Tenerife plasterers need an in depth knowledge of the climate and plastering products available.

Make a mistake, as many new-to-Tenerife plasterers do, and the job will be rushed because the plaster goes off too quick, botched because the plaster doesn’t set or cracks, or worse still, it looks great until next year when you need the whole lot re-plastering.

Don’t make these mistakes – make sure you use a plasterer who knows the way things work in Tenerife.