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Want to fly your cat or dog (or even parrot!) to and from Tenerife?

Put your trust in PetEX for the whole removals process

Starting a new life abroad, moving home or spending part of your year in Tenerife is a huge excitement but one which can be tainted with nerves if you want to bring your pet with you.

Ask any owner and they will be apprehension about it. Will your cat or dog be okay? Will they get to the other side safe and well? Will they be frightened?

One Tenerife Pet Transport company knows exactly how you feel and can provide all the reassurance you need, as well as all the organisation and solutions.

PetEX Tenerife specialises in transporting Pets to and from Tenerife to the UK (or vice versa), either as a one-off or on a regular basis. And it’s not just dogs we are talking about here. Cats are frequent travellers with PetEX and they have even made arrangements for a parrot!

Pet Transport Tenerife