Learn Spanish or Not?


Should I Learn Spanish?

Do I really need to learn Spanish?

By learning Spanish, you’ll be better able to communicate with locals. Having said that, much depends where you choose  to live. Many areas  in South Tenerife are predominately catering for tourists and therefor most people will either speak English or actually be English.

If you choose to live outside the tourist areas then yes, some Spanish is a must. Even if you don’t speak it well, it will be appreciated that you are making the effort.

When it comes to local tradesmen, English speakers often charge a premium, understandable as they are in high demand. Some locals will cater for the English also but again you will most likely pay more. With reasonable Spanish you have vastly more choice  and frankly, lower costs.

Government Spanish lessons in Tenerife

Las Escuelas de Idiomas is a network of government-funded language schools with locations across Spain including a limited number in Tenerife. The courses are quite cost effective –  most cost less than €100. Then of course there are many privately run courses and individuals teaching from home.